Why Ignition3?

Since I was young I’ve loved reading about businesses and dissecting the present strength of their business models. My first taste came at a young age when my Grandfather exposed me to the wonders of the stock market. I became obsessed with developing complex formulas to analyze historical pricing data for the purpose of predicting future value. When I was 13 years old I made my first investment of real money in a stock, eToys. While I had executed hundreds of simulated transactions the rush of investing $400 of hard-earned dollars was something entirely different. The technical indicators showed warning signs but I had a gut feeling that there was something beyond the numbers. The business model purported by eToys seemed incredible and at the time I was convinced. Almost immediately after the funds were withdrawn from my OptionsXpress account the stock plummeted. The experience made me even more eager to investigate the inner workings of both new and established businesses. Close examination of the dimensions of a business dissipate hype and can lead to the discovery of untapped opportunities. We live in interesting times where new technologies can make previously failed models work while driving proven models into the ground. Ignition3 was started to examine the different dimensions (does the 3, or cubed make sense now?) of businesses and the current business environment. If you are interested in writing an article, give us a shout!

The Team

Steve “Doc” Scheidecker


Steve is a jack-knife of sorts with experience spanning a variety of industries and trades.  He graduated with a B.A. in accounting from the University of Northern Iowa after which he continued to grow a business he founded while in college.  This business, International LCD, focused on providing customer-centric distribution of LCD components to medical and industrial OEMs.  The business continues to fulfill customer needs to this day through its established world-wide network of manufacturers and distributors.

In the summer of 2007, International LCD, re-organized with additional funding from outside sources to more aggressively expand its distribution efforts and to grow into additional markets.  As part of this expansion Steve played a key role in founding Info2go, the first pump-top digital signage company in the Midwest.  Info2go continues to be the focus of Steve’s activities as he seeks to develop new media and the digital signage industry, one of the 5 fastest growing industries in the world.

Steve also undertakes a variety of side projects including flooring applications, CRM tools, service request management, social media, and more.  When he’s not behind a computer screen he is usually enjoying an evening with his wife Kali and son Grant, watching his cousin Tim’s high school athletic events at Ankeny Christian Academy, or entertaining/hosting his extensive family.