How to Re-order CSV Files For Importing

Posted February 16th, 2015 in Quick Tips by Steve Scheidecker

It’s quite common for the transmission of data between marketing applications to utilize the CSV format. One problem that is often encountered is that the order of columns do not match resulting in failed imports or misidentified information. When you import a CSV file make sure that the format matches the format specified by the application, failing to take this step can cause trouble! Continue Reading »

6 Ways Facebook is Misleading Advertisers

Posted February 3rd, 2015 in Marketing, Social Networking by Steve Scheidecker

Facebook Misleading

After writing about the success of a Facebook campaign two weeks ago, I want to emphasize something. The Facebook Advertising platform is designed to mislead you. This doesn’t mean that Facebook advertising can’t be effective, it can produce results. But you can’t be drawn into thinking that Facebook is your friend or that their goal is to help you, they don’t care.
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Increase Email Open Rates By Setting Gravatar

Posted January 21st, 2015 in Development by Steve Scheidecker

I’ve made a remarkable discovery that could increase your email open rates and it only takes about 5 minutes to implement. The secret is a project called Gravatar. Gravatar was created by the founders of WordPress, the popular blogging platform. Gravatar’s concept is simple. You can think of it as a way to give an email address it’s own photo identity. It is a database that anyone can access which ties email addresses to images. Software using Gravatar can send an email address to the Gravatar API and receive an image back.
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Does Facebook Advertising Work for Small Business? 5 Keys to Success.

Posted January 15th, 2015 in Facebook, Marketing, Small Business, Social Networking by Steve Scheidecker

Facebook AdvertisingFacebook has become an increasingly important part of the social fabric of our world. It’s hard to imagine communicating in a world without Facebook — its a great platform. If your like me, you check your Facebook feed multiple times throughout the day. Staying connected to friends and family provides an escape from the monotony of the day. Since it’s inception people have loved Facebook and the perception has remained generally positive as Facebook has scaled to billions of users. While Facebook has expanded exponentially, Facebook advertising has been slow to emerge from the shadows. If your a business owner I’d cringe even asking you about Facebook Advertising. If your a business owner and have tried Facebook Advertising chances are that your opinion will not be optimistic. In fact you might feel like you’ve been ripped off.
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Quick Tips : Setup Facebook Web Address

Posted January 13th, 2015 in Quick Tips by Steve Scheidecker

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There are still some folks that have forgotten to setup their Facebook Web Address. This guide is to help those folks secure their web address. This is completely free and takes less than 5 minutes. It enables you to more easily communicate your Facebook page to others.
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How to compete against bigger, better-funded competitors

Posted January 7th, 2015 in Marketing, Social Networking by Steve Scheidecker

Sumo David Goliath

Today I received an interesting question. In the midst of mounting competition a friend was discouraged with his new business. He was convinced that his business was at a severe disadvantage, how could he compete against larger companies with deeper pockets? Here’s his message:

“My issue is that there are a ton of companies already providing the same services we offer. I believe business owners are very likely to ignore my message and just paint me with the same brush as everyone else making it too hard for me to actually get through and make sales. If you put yourself in the decision makers shoes would you choose someone who is brand new or a competitor who may have 4+ years experience?”

This thought process is not uncommon, even established companies struggle with their perception of the competition. It’s easy to find thousands of measures where your company is dis-advantaged. It’s frustrating to see competitors with large-scale advertising campaigns, new facilities, countless employees, low-ball offers and seemingly unlimited bank accounts. How can you compete against the big boys? Continue Reading »