Captivate your Captives

Posted October 18th, 2010 in Development, Digital Signage by Steve Scheidecker

Info2go Digital Pumptoppers

In the Summer of 2007 we started to entertain the idea of building one of the Midwest’s first digital signage networks.  The coasts were saturated with entities building digital signage networks in elevators, bus stops, waiting rooms, and inside of taxi cabs.  However, the Midwest remained mostly untouched by such entities — other than the occasional restaurant owner with a television displaying Powerpoint presentations.  With the rise of online media there was much skepticism over taking this direction.  The number one reason that we ended up entering the digital signage industry was because it was one of the few mediums where you have a captive audience.  For almost every digital signage company this is the big focal point.  Its when you focus on your “captive” audience that you set yourself up for failure.  Its this very viewpoint that has caused companies to struggle in the digital signage space.

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