Does Facebook Advertising Work for Small Business? 5 Keys to Success.

Posted January 15th, 2015 in Facebook, Marketing, Small Business, Social Networking by Steve Scheidecker

Facebook AdvertisingFacebook has become an increasingly important part of the social fabric of our world. It’s hard to imagine communicating in a world without Facebook — its a great platform. If your like me, you check your Facebook feed multiple times throughout the day. Staying connected to friends and family provides an escape from the monotony of the day. Since it’s inception people have loved Facebook and the perception has remained generally positive as Facebook has scaled to billions of users. While Facebook has expanded exponentially, Facebook advertising has been slow to emerge from the shadows. If your a business owner I’d cringe even asking you about Facebook Advertising. If your a business owner and have tried Facebook Advertising chances are that your opinion will not be optimistic. In fact you might feel like you’ve been ripped off.
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