Want Loyalty? Respond faster!

Posted November 12th, 2010 in Marketing, Rants by Steve Scheidecker

The other night while working late every single one of my Pandora stations had hit a funk.  For serious work I need two things — coffee and tunes.  I had the coffee, I didn’t have the tunes.  In order to get back into my zone I decided to visit Napster.com and use my Napster subscription.  On arriving to Napster.com I was greeted with a white page and a beautiful error message, far from the fix I was looking for.  Every hour I would check to see if things were back up and running.  After 4 hours of down-time, I decided to send an email to Napster customer service in case the outage hadn’t been reported.  This was Wednesday evening.  On Thursday afternoon while I had yet to receive a response from Napster, an email from Netflix arrived in my inbox.  Netflix sent an email apologizing for a service interruption and provided a link that could be clicked to receive 2% off my bill.  I had never reported any problems to Netflix, yet here was an email telling me about a problem I MAY have had along with a link for instant resolution. Continue Reading »

Profiles are for people, not businesses.

Posted October 29th, 2010 in Marketing, Rants, Social Networking by Steve Scheidecker

This weekend I received a friend request from Camden West.  While the name could be construed as a person, in this particular case it represents a local housing development.  In order to create a presence on Facebook the curator of the housing development registered a completely new Facebook account with the first name “Camden” and last name “West.”  Many people figure out they are in the wrong place when there are so many people-specific terms when creating a Facebook profile.  Or maybe I’m wrong and there really can be a FEMALE housing development that is “looking for friendship.”  However, there are a lot of businesses that still fall into this pitfall.  They don’t understand the Facebook structure for managing different types of entities, so they go through the same steps taken for establishing their personal account.

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Mac Store on Windows?

Posted October 25th, 2010 in Development, Marketing, Rants by Steve Scheidecker
Apple Mac Store for Windows

Mac Store for Windows?

With the announcement that a Mac App Store would be coming to Apple computers in the coming months, I believe Apple could be up to something bigger.  While Apple computers are still selling very well the company is in a pickle.  Apple’s operating systems run on less than 5% of consumers PC’s and the only way they could increase this number would be by significantly dropping prices.  Dropping hardware prices would be a big mistake and Apple realizes this, so what can they do?  The answer may seem unrealistic at first, but what if Apple launches a Mac Store for Windows?  By doing this they could immediately gain significant profits from the sale of applications on every Windows PC without reducing their premium hardware price point.

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Common Sense vs. 99 Cents

Posted October 15th, 2010 in Rants by Ben Cox

This morning I stopped at a gas station and picked up a coffee, a 12 oz coffee.  On the way to the cash register I saw a sign that said free coffee with purchase of a slice of breakfast pizza.  I thought that was a pretty good deal so I grabbed a slice of pizza and went to pay.  When the clerk tried to charge me for the coffee I told her about the free coffee deal.  She said “No, that is only for the 20 oz size coffee.”  If the deal was buy a slice of pizza and get a 12 oz coffee, I wouldn’t expect them to give me Quad Venti Mocha Frappacino for free, but I should be able to get a 12 oz coffee instead of a 20 oz.  In fact, she should have given me a quarter for selecting an item of lessor value.
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Million Dollar Ideas

Posted October 5th, 2010 in Development, Rants by Steve Scheidecker

Two weeks ago while visiting the in-laws, my son Grant was on the floor eating some Cheerios out of cup designed specially for babies.  The cup is made in a way that helps to prevent Cheerios from ending up in a pile on the floor (well, sometimes).  My mother in-law thought the cup was amazing and reflected on how a simple addition of several rubber flaps could so drastically improve a product for children. The product seemed so simple that anyone could of thought of it, and it was right then that the words came out, “If only I had thought of that idea I’d be a millionaire.

The attitude that ideas foster wealth is prevalent in our society, people are led to think that a moment of brilliance is all that it takes.  People even go to extremes to protect their sacred ideas through NDA’s, absurd patents, or legal action.  I cannot count the number of times I have heard someone tell me that they have a great idea — an idea that is going to change the world — only they can’t tell me about it yet because the idea is so good that someone else may copy it.  Where are most of those “innovators” a year later?  They aren’t out shopping for a Bentley.  They are almost always on to their next top secret idea because they had a new idea that was even better than last years.  And what if you ask them about their old idea?  Well, its still a secret because they may need something to fall back on.

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Posted September 30th, 2010 in Rants by Matt Rittman

George Bush StumpedWhat the heck is Ignition3? You’ve never heard of it?! Well that’s probably because it was just started about 2 hours ago. But, we can assure you that Ignition3 will be a blog you’ll want on your favorites list! Why? Because we’ve got stuff you want to read! Isn’t that the point of any blog? Sure there are thousands upon thousands of blogs out there, but what is the point if they have nothing interesting to read?

Ignition3 is the blog to read if you’re interested in design, development, social media, new product reviews, and more! Just wait…you’ll see. We got stuff YOU WANT to read!