A $10,000 Kup?

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Who prominently displays an autographed fountain drink cup in their office, and why in the world would someone blog about it?

Each summer many convenience stores compete for business by offering reduced prices on some of their fountain drinks, and promote it in one way or another.  Kum & Go is no different.  In the past they had the great Soda vs. Pop debate, and this year, they asked their fans to name the cup.  Here’s how it worked:
1. Buy a Fountain Drink at Kum & Go
2. Enter your idea for the new name on the K&G website (you needed to save your receipt)
3. Repeat as many times as you desire.

On paper that’s a pretty good idea to get people into your stores to pick up a cheap drink, and maybe buy a candy bar or magazine  on your way out.  With enough customers across all their stores doing this a few times a week it could make up for the $10,000 prize for the winner.  Plus you get a name for your fountain drink, maybe as awesome as 7-Eleven’s Big Gulp.  I don’t think they knew exactly how valuable the end result of their campaign would be.

The Winner is a Loss-control analyst at Wells Fargo, who is also a part time actor. Just like anyone else would, he said he will pay some bills, maybe go on vacation, typical prize money stuff.  That and he’s also going to help his disabled daughter go to school. No, his story was not cooked up in the Kum & Go marketing department, I don’t know if they could have come up with a better story.  On top of that, he wrote a fight song for the “Go Kup” that he performed at the unveiling yesterday.  The Des Moines Register ran the story online and Tuesday and in the print edition Wednesday.  I noticed the K&G staff got video of the winner singing his Go Kup Fight Song, which they should be able to have fun with and get some good mileage out of.  I am looking forward to seeing what all they do with this story, as well as how they incorporate the Go Kup in their future marketing efforts.

What can you do at your company to create content?  As the Go Kup illustrates, you don’t need a fancy agency, you don’t need a super complex plan.  Just an idea that you can have fun and run with.  What will your Go Kup be?

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