Quick Tips : Setup Facebook Web Address

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There are still some folks that have forgotten to setup their Facebook Web Address. This guide is to help those folks secure their web address. This is completely free and takes less than 5 minutes. It enables you to more easily communicate your Facebook page to others.

For example:

* Without Web Address: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Quick-Incidents/608715882515052

* With Web Address: http://fb.com/quickincidents

See the simplicity that a web address offers? It enables you easily remember your Facebook URL facilitating placement on your website, business cards and marketing materials.


Step 1: Navigate to your Facebook Page.

Click the home button, then locate the name of your page in the left navigation bar.

Setup Facebook URL


Step 2: Click “About” on your Facebook Page.



Step 3: Click “Enter Facebook Web Address” link.



Step 4: Enter your desired Facebook Web Address.

Remember, this cannot be changed. So make sure you select the right one!


Step 5: Confirm you want to add the web address.


And that’s it! You’ve added a Facebook web address for your Facebook page!

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